WGP Season 4

Weiss Schwarz 15th Anniversary Tournament

Event Information


26th November 2023


9:00AM – 12:30PM Player’s Arrival

1:00PM Tournament start

Max Participants

64 pax

Pre-register at [Link]


  • Individual / Neo-standard format. 
  • Maximum 6 Swiss rounds.
  • Rounds are 35 minutes and best-of-one. 

Entry Fee



  • Only players with Malaysia citizenship/permanent resident visa, or long-term student/working visa may participate in the regional qualifier. (ID        check might be requested)

Deck & Cards

  • All Japanese cards released in Malaysia and distributed before or on the tournament day can be used. 
  • It is mandatory to register the deck (submit deck list in CL2U) upon tournament registration. 
  • Discrepancies between the deck list and the actual deck used in the tournament may result in a penalty. 
  • A player must use the same deck throughout a tournament. Switching cards is not permitted in between games within a tournament. 


Titles below are not allowed in the Weiss Schwarz 15th Anniversary Tournament Malaysia.


  1. Girlfriend (Beta)
  2. Macross Frontier
  3. Schoolgirl Strikers
  5. Godzilla The Animation
  6. Lost Decade
  8. Project Sekai COLORFUL STAGE
  9. Tokyo Revengers (Japanese Art, Japanese version)
  10. PIXAR
  11. Disney 100
  12. Madoka Side Story

Rules and Regulations

The latest rules and regulations for Weiss Schwarz Japanese can be found here: https://ws-tcg.com/rules/ 

Sleeves policy 

  • Only standard size official Bushiroad sleeves and opaque sleeves which don’t reveal the back of the card can be used. 
  • Please ensure that the sleeves are of the correct size.
  • Oversleeves with a matte finish on one side and gloss finish on the other side are allowed. However, the matte finish must be uniform throughout, on either the front or back of the cards. Oversleeves with patterns or borders are not allowed. 
  • Sleeves used for all cards must be of the same design unless otherwise stated. 
  • A maximum of 2 layers of sleeves (oversleeve + standard size sleeves) may be used. 

End of round policy 

  • Time-up is counted as a loss for both parties. The judge can decide to give extra time in case of lost time during a round.


  •  If there is a “simultaneous loss” during the extra turn, the layer waiting for his turn will win.

Deck registration

Players have to register their deck in [Decklog (https://decklog.bushiroad.com/create?c=2)] and submit the Decklog code when registering for the tournament through CL2U. You may edit the Decklog code any time before the registration closed. 




Weiss Schwarz 15th Anniversary Playmat (Autumn)


Happy 15th Anniversary!! [Autumn] 

Lucky Draw

Weiss Schwarz 15th Anniversary Special Playmat (Autumn)